MacPro Grip Handle


The Cheese Garter MacPros are a wonderful expression of form and function, except when you need to carry them. The thin metal handles are not very ergonomic. Plus the machines are about 50 lbs.

Pop a couple of the MacGrips on and you are good to go. 3D printed by IntuitionUSA of durable PLA plastic, these handles have a honeycomb fill so they will not break. They slide onto the handle and stay in place. You can even put a set on the bottom feet to keep them from scratching your desk or floor.

Fits all Aluminum MacPros 2003-2013

Available in True Blue, Cool Gray, and White PLA Plastic

5.75" long x 1" wide x .75" high

12$ each, free shipping USA only



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Continental USA only

**Items ship Free 2 to 3 Day Delivery to Continental US and areas covered by USPS flat rate shipping policies.


3d printed handle bottom of macpro

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