3D Renderings - More Info

1. What is Sketch Modeling?
Sketch Modeling is a quick method of modeling done to view "several" concepts. It is a good mid-step between the rough sketch design phase and the engineering modeling. Sketch modeling can give you a more accurate visualization.

2. What is Prototype Modeling?
Prototype Modeling is generally more precise and is done when a physical model is needed for testing or when the design refined enough for engineering. To refine the overall shape, zebra stripping and draft angle analysis can be done. Afterwards, the shape can imported into ProE or SolidWorks for shelling, bossing, and parting.

3. Can files be moved between CAD programs without losing their form or accuracy?
Yes. With the widespread usage of the STEP format (Standard Exchange for Product) the transfer of Nurbs based models is exact. The tolerance setting has to be set before modeling is started in order to assure an errorless transfer.


4. How are the final renderings sent?
We post them on a webpage which can be password protected.

5. What format do the renderings end up?
Jpeg for screen viewing and TIFF for printing.

6. When modeling a product do you have to have the physical model?
No, this is usually done by dimension drawings or concept sketches.

7. Can Plastic Models be made from the CAD files?
Yes an ABS plastic can be generated from the file. There are size limits to rapid prototyping plastic parts, but very complex parts can be made without the need for finishing the parts.

8. How do you price your projects?
Pricing is based on the time that it will take to accomplish it and how many rounds of updates that are needed. We are looking for the Return on Investment for our clients.


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