Animation - More Info

1. Can I use an animation in PowerPoint?
Yes we can create movies to seamlessly integrate with your PowerPoint presentation.

2. What ways do you output?
Webpage, YouTube, Vimeo, Quicktime Movie or Windows Media Movie for computer viewing, iPhone

3. Which method is best?
It depends on the audience, the reach that is desired, the quality needed, and the budget. Web based animations have the greatest reach and Quicktime movies have the highest quality. That is due to the compression that Quicktime utilizes.


4. Can you create an HD movie?
First, an HD movie is simply created at the resolution 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels across. We can create animations at this resolution, however not all computers can run them. We usually create at the resolution that your computer can handle

5. What requirements does my computer need to run an animation?
For Windows - Windows 7 or 8 and for a Mac - OSX 10.5. We customize the frame rate and frame size based on the computer that is making the presentation.


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